Welcome to Fluorideisratpoison.org!

This site takes its name from the fact that sodium fluoride (the very same chemical that is added to water supplies in some parts of the world) is also valued as a rodenticide or rat poison.

Fluoride-based rat bait kills by poisoning the enzymes that catalyse chemical reactions in their bodies.  Sodium fluoride (and other fluoride compounds which are added to drinking water in some countries) are also enzyme poisons in humans; the only reason that fluoridated water does not cause sudden death in people, the way that sodium fluoride rat bait kills rats, is the lower dose of fluoride delivered through fluoridated water.   However fluoride compounds accumulate in the body where they may cause chronic effects.

Fluoridated water is not the only source of fluoride:  foods grown in areas with high fluoride in the water will contain elevated amounts of fluoride and fluoride is used in many industrial processes (such as in aluminium smelting) because of its high reactivity which may result in the release of fluoride into the environment.

This site will provide links to further information about fluoride and water fluoridation, including health and human rights issues.